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Checklist: 5 Key Principles to Scale Your DevOps Practice

Delivering new digital services at speed and scale is high on the agenda for many IT and business leaders.

And yet, this requires significant investment in DevOps people and culture to achieve.

‘DevOps isn’t just a trendy term or shiny new thing. It’s real, and it delivers real results.’ — Forrester, 2022

Forrester’s recent ‘State of DevOps, 2022’ report reveals that implementing DevOps consistently reduces the time to market, increases enterprise agility, and makes businesses more resilient.

People, Practices, Platforms

The report also identifies three core pillars that will be critical to the future of DevOps: people, practices, and platforms.

But the burning question remains – how do you scale a DevOps practice?

Find out how to scale your DevOps team

With over a decade of experience embedding DevOps best practices, we’ve compiled our top five tips to accelerate delivery, create a standout developer experience, and hire an all-star DevOps team.

In this checklist, we reveal:

  • How to sustainably grow your DevOps practice
  • How to streamline operations across departments
  • How to attract and retain a future-proof team
  • How to increase efficiency and accelerate delivery