Get to Know Talent Acquisition Manager, Alex Breslin

Welcome back to our Day in the Life blog series, where we are interviewing NearFormers across our business functions to learn more about what their role entails, how they came to be in their current roles, and to showcase the diverse career progression stories that our team have.

Today we are travelling to London, England to interview Alex, a Talent Acquisition Manager here at NearForm. Alex has been with NearForm since 2021, and is a mother to an amazing 2 year old son. Alex loves spending time with her son, reading crime books and psychological thrillers, cooking and enjoying a glass of wine in her free time.

What is your role, and what does it entail?

I am a Talent Acquisition Manager which involves hiring for numerous positions across NearForm. The majority of the roles I hire for are based within the Delivery team, including, Developers, Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, QA’s, DevOps engineers, Technical Directors and many more!

What is your favourite thing about your role?

The best thing about my role is speaking to so many different people every day, from different countries, with different backgrounds and lives.

What is your biggest work challenge on a day-to-day basis?

Anyone who works in Talent Acquisition and recruitment will tell you that it is definitely a challenging job! Your day can go from good to bad very quickly so you definitely need to be someone who can pick themselves up and carry on when the going gets tough.

Tell us about your day.

My days can get pretty busy with candidate interviews and team meetings. Here is a typical day for me as a Talent Acquisition Manager.

8 am

I drop my son at Nursery and get home around 8 am where I do a quick tidy-up of the house so I can spend the day working in a clear, organised environment.

Dressed and ready to go by 7:45 am.
What an achievement!

8.30 am

Check my diary for the day, respond to emails and messages.

9 am

I’ve made sure that I have chased anything outstanding, interview feedback, notes on Greenhouse, outstanding contracts etc.

10.30 am

I have my weekly catch-up with my manager Nick. We discuss how things have been going in the past week, any issues I am having and anything I need help with. We also just have a general catch-up conversation on life.

11 am

We use several different hiring platforms so I spend this time going through our platforms, seeing what new candidates are on there and reaching out to them about NearForm.

12.30 pm

I take some time away from my laptop to sit in the garden and eat my lunch.

Sunny days working from the garden

1 pm

I have two interviews, one for an Engineering Manager & one for a Senior developer role. It’s great talking to people about their backgrounds, especially when they have worked for really interesting tech companies.

2 pm

We have a resourcing call to discuss urgent hiring requirements, outstanding offers and candidates in the process.

2.30 pm

I have more interviews booked this afternoon, I am interviewing from several different roles currently so the interviews tend to be quite varied which is nice.

4.45 pm

It’s time to pop out to pick my son up from Nursery.

5 pm

I usually take this time to update my notes and interviews on Greenhouse and ensure that all feedback is done and emails are responded to. Sometimes I save this for later in the evening when my little one is in bed. It’s great to be able to fit in work around being a mum :)

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