What is Fastify?

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Matteo Collina took some time at Node+JS Interactive Montreal to give us an update on incubating project Fastify.

Below is an overview of the talk.

Fastify is a Node.js framework with a strong focus on performance and developer experience. We think that you should not compromise developer experience to achieve the best performance you can get from Node.js.

Fastify offers an exteremly low overhead framework. Your application will run as fast as Node can with as little impact as possible in your application.

We started Fastify in 2016 and wanted to build a web framework for node. Because building and maintaining a web framework on your on is a gargantuan task we created a community of developers to help us.

Fastify was born as a community first. We encourage people who have issues with the framework to become contributors and help solve problems and maintain the framework.

Need Node.js experts for your next project? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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