Editor’s note: We are proud to announce Google Cloud as a Gold Sponsor of NodeConf EU 22. Read more about Google’s participation in the conference below and get your tickets today! Use the discount code BlogPost-Discount2022 for a special discount on tickets, but hurry the offer won’t last long!

Google is heading to NodeConf EU, October 3-5, 2022. We hope you’ll join us at our workshop. Learn how to develop a serverless Node.js Application and receive a special free training offer, 30-days free hands-on labs via Google Cloud Skills Boost, to continue your learning journey plus get some digital swag!


Developing a fully serverless distributed computing app

Tony Pujals, JavaScript Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Monday, 03 October, 2:00 pm Irish Standard Time

Come learn techniques for bidirectional streaming over websockets and distributed state synchronization in a fully serverless environment with Cloud Pong, a fun retro nod to Pong, the 1970s iconic table tennis style arcade game with two paddles and a ball.

The talk walks through a fully serverless JavaScript implementation. The demo uses Cloud Run and Upstash, but attendees can apply the architectural and programming concepts to target other serverless environments that support websockets.

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All developers are welcome to join the Google Cloud Innovators program to further accelerate your learning and growth on Google Cloud, and to recognize you for the contributions you make to the broader Cloud community.

We look forward to seeing you at NodeConf EU!

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