The NearForm team will be at Fullstack NYC on 16th and 17th May to talk about high-performance Full-stack frameworks & tools including Node.js, Fastify, PWAs, Speeding up React SSR with ESX, React Hooks and Clinic.js and to offer a glimpse at our high-performing web applications designed for the future of banking.

Matteo Collina, Technical Director, will be giving a talk on Fastify and how to use it to develop performant and maintainable Node.js applications.

You can also find out about ESX, recently announced by David Mark Clements.  ESX is a simple solution that can be dropped into pre-existing React applications to significantly improve Server-Side rendering throughput, removing performance bottleneck for web backends around the world.

Our team will be coming from far and wide to Fullstack NYC – from Italy, Ireland and across the US. Truly committed to shaping a better world in all that we do, and building on our Open Source origins, we love to promote the sharing of thoughts, knowledge and ideas!  Hence the reason we’re heading along to Fullstack NYC!

Our global team is based on respect, inclusivity and diversity and as part of our involvement in Fullstack NYC, we will have a charity raffle (don’t worry, everyone coming to the conference gets a free ticket to enter!) and $5 per person will be donated to New York-based the Code Cooperative!

If you like the sound of us and would love to work with us, we’re growing our team of US-based Senior Node/React developers.

Visit  to find out more or come talk to us at the event. See you there!

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