NearForm enhances its technological competencies by achieving the AWS Migration Acceleration Program Consulting Partner certification

In May 2023, NearForm, a global digital transformation leader for several Fortune 500 companies and high-calibre organisations, expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the dominant cloud services platform, by earning the esteemed Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Consulting Partner status.

MAP assists corporates and enterprises in their cloud migration journey

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program represents a holistic initiative for data and services transition to the cloud, leveraging AWS’s unique experience in assisting thousands of corporate and enterprise customers in their cloud migration journey. Attaining this certification equips NearForm with the resources to enable its clientele and associates to diminish costs, bolster operational robustness, and augment business agility in migrating, modernising, and operating their systems in the cloud.

MAP guides customers towards their modernisation objectives

AWS MAP validation certifies NearForm as a firm proficient in constructing cloud native applications and solutions on AWS, with the requisite knowledge, experience, and skills to guide its customers towards their cloud migration and modernisation objectives. With the MAP credential, NearForm acquires mature architectural methodologies based on AWS and extends its expertise to expedite the cloud migration and modernisation journey of enterprises through a result-oriented approach.

AWS and NearForm: a partnership that delivers limitless scalability potential

As an AWS MAP Consulting Partner, NearForm is poised to assist organisations in optimising their back-end services, managing escalating workloads and requirements, and decreasing infrastructure investments. This program positions NearForm to offer its associates and customers exceptional advantages for their businesses: adaptability, enhanced security, and limitless scalability potential.

Securing AWS MAP status represents the inaugural step what we envision will be a long and rewarding trajectory. To deliver supplementary value and validate our engineering supremacy, we are committed to preserving this status in the coming year and undertaking the subsequent strides as a dependable global technology ally to growth-centric entities worldwide. We take immense pride in joining the AWS Partner Network to bring the efficiency, security, and reliability of the cloud to our customers.

“NearForm boasts a rich history in the AWS Partner Network as an Advanced Consulting Partner. The achievement of MAP status as a partner corroborates our proficiency and know-how in the fast-paced deployment of cloud infrastructures.” Colin Houlihan, General Manager of Europe at NearForm

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