We’re helping redesign the website for a world-leading bioinformatics project

Bioconductor is an open source software project for bioinformatics, an interdisciplinary field of science that develops methods and tools for capturing and interpreting biological data.

Dr Maria Doyle, the global community manager for Bioconductor, based at the University of Limerick, explains that bioinformatics “combines biology, computer science and statistics to analyse and interpret biological data”.

To advance its work in this area, the Bioconductor team needed to redesign its website and sought the skills of a software consultancy that delivers exceptional digital experiences. Bioconductor partnered with NearForm to bring its vision of a new website to life.

We’re delighted to be part of this journey of advancing a fundamental field of science.

Bioconductor is “building a diverse, collaborative, and welcoming community of developers and data scientists”

Bioconductor’s mission is to “develop, support, and share free open source software that facilitates rigorous and reproducible analysis of data from current and emerging biological assays”. Bioconductor’s website lists the following five goals for its project:

  • To provide widespread access to a broad range of powerful statistical and graphical methods for the analysis of genomic data.
  • To facilitate the inclusion of biological metadata in the analysis of genomic data.
  • To supply a common software platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of extensible, scalable and interoperable software.
  • To further scientific understanding by producing high-quality documentation and reproducible research.
  • To train researchers on computational and statistical methods for the analysis of genomic data.

Professor Aedin Culhane, co-chair of the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board (CAB), states:

“Bioconductor is an open source open development community. Open source builds collaborative communities and accelerates innovation in life sciences. Discoveries in life sciences are vital to understand biology and biodiversity, and to find the genes that cause disease and are the targets of new medicine. Transparency in open science builds trust in results, and allows new researchers to extend the work of others accelerating science.”

Bioconductor needed to redesign its website to create a more accessible experience for its community and asked NearForm to help make this a reality

To help achieve its five goals, the Bioconductor team established it was necessary to upgrade its website. With Professor Aedin Culhane and the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board having secured a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Bioconductor partnered with NearForm to revamp its website.

Professor Culhane states that “NearForm’s leadership in Node.js was an important factor in deciding to partner with them. It was important for Bioconductor to partner with a company that supports open science.”

NearForm’s team features a broad range of skilled technical professionals. Our team includes Nick Zafiropoulos and Marjani Hall supporting the design work and Steve Goode, Biraj Pantha and Mariam Mohamed working across the implementation.

Work is underway on redesigning Bioconductor’s website, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The research phase of the website redesign project began in the first half of 2023. NearForm is excited to use our technical expertise to help Bioconductor achieve its incredible mission. When the time is right, we look forward to updating you on the success of this amazing project.

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