Attendees who made it along to our Node.js Dublin meetup featuring author and fintech superstar David Gonzalez earlier this year were given an excellent introduction to serverless and Node.js.

If you didn’t catch it, get a flavour of David’s presentation below in the recording (you’ll never miss a recording, by the way, when you subscribe to our YouTube channel.) Serverless is becoming very popular in the microservices world, and Node.js is ideally suited for those times when you want lean, targeted code for a specific function, rather than a full-scale app, with all the provisioning and patching headache that entails.

As David says, why build the Death Star to light a campfire? The meetup crowd saw how David, who’s authored 3 key books on Node.js, used Google Cloud Functions on the Google Cloud Platform to deploy a very cool, serverless app he wrote to act as a picture filter. It’s easy to imagine a ready use for this function in the enterprise, screening out invalid images and retaining only valid photos for the risk & compliance teams performing Know Your Customer (KYC) or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) photo ID checks.

Check the meetup video below and you’ll also see:

  • David’s fast intro to Kubernetes, plus its limitations
  • How Google Cloud Functions relate to AWS tools (lambda and storage buckets)
  • The three triggers for your function (HTTP, file drop to a data store, pub/sub queue)

Ask David your questions

If you want more information or have questions about David’s presentations, get in touch with him on Github Ask Me Anything, where he’s ready to help. David also takes questions there on the AMA about his books, Implementing Modern DevOps, Developing Microservices in Node.js and Microservices Building Scalable Software)

Come along to Node.js Dublin: pizza, skills sharing and more

Try to catch one of our Node.js Dublin monthly meetups, covering all things Node.js. We are 4 years old and at almost 2000 members, offering top-quality talks from some of the most experienced Noders around. Plus, there’s free beer and pizza every time. What’s not to love? See our full list of Node.js Dublin meetups past and present here.

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