For the eighth episode of OpenHive.JS, our hosts James Snell and Matteo Collina welcome Anthony Aragues, author of Visualizing Streaming Data, to discuss the importance of data visualisation within the context of modern technology and innovation.

Drawing from his experience in developing applications for the analysis and presentation of data, Anthony talks to James and Matteo about the art of making data intuitive. He also details some of the open source tools and libraries he relies on for well presented, useful data visualisations.

“Really the primary thing about doing good visualisations is understanding the data, understanding the context of that data and trying to make it as useful as you can. There’s only so fast that a person can consume data. When you’re visualising it, that’s really the use case that you’re thinking of: somebody’s watching this information and, because they’re people, you have to keep in mind that they might look away. So, even if they’re staring at it, [you have] about one second — I’d say that’s the sweet spot. Nothing should be sent to update faster than one second.”

Some of the tools referenced in this conversation include:

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