The sixth episode of OpenHive.JS takes James and Matteo deep into the world of documentation with our guest Kenigbolo Meya Stephen.

Engineering lead at BCaster, frontend architect at Howspace, community manager at Code Afrique and accomplished tech speaker, Kenigbolo knows a thing or two about communicating important information and unique ideas.

In this episode of OpenHive.JS, he gets into the value of documentation as a key form of communication in open source software development:

“If you write documentation out and you are communicating in your opinion, but the person on the other end is not really understanding what your documentation is saying, then you have actually failed at the basic task, which is passing on the information.”

The conversation also delves into how aspiring developers can hone their skills, the importance of mentoring and more. Kenigbolo shares his thoughts on the need to make knowledge accessible, as well as some tips he has learned in his development career.

“When a piece of documentation is written, the first point of call is to give it to someone who’s not technical at all and try to see if they can make sense of it. You don’t expect them to understand everything you have written, but can they read through and get a glimpse of understanding? Even if it’s just a small overview of what you are trying to say?”

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The podcast for all things JavaScript, OpenHive.JS presents conversations with key contributors and open source leaders around new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

Hosted by James Snell and Matteo Collina, OpenHive.JS publishes new episodes monthly and is produced and distributed by NearForm.

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