In this episode of OpenHive.JS, our guest Danielle Adams discusses her work as a Node.js releaser, her responsibility for the Node.js Buildpack at Heroku and lots more.

“You run a Heroku Dyno — it uses Buildpacks, which are just a set of scripts that you can run that is specific to a language or a framework or a library that will set it up for you. It’s a standardised set of scripts that everyone can use, so it’s composable.”

Danielle is the Node.js Language Owner at Heroku, leading the Node platform for JavaScript and TypeScript developers. She is also a graduate student at New York University focusing on cybersecurity, a network director for Women Who Code in NYC, and an international public speaker. She is passionate about JavaScript and the well-being of the internet — as this discussion clearly demonstrates. 

Welcome back to OpenHive.JS.

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The podcast for all things JavaScript, OpenHive.JS presents conversations with key contributors and open source leaders around new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

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