For the tenth episode of OpenHive.JS, our hosts Matteo Collina and James Snell pick up right where they left off in conversation with Mikeal Rogers, IPLD Lead at Protocol Labs, NodeConf creator and JavaScript thought leader. If you haven’t listened to episode 9, you may want to start there. Here in part two, we continue talking about the benefits of open source, what we all can do to further the model, even more ways to manage data effectively and much more.

Having delved into decentralised databases and encryption in part one, Mikeal, James and Matteo dive deeper into the open source model.

“The open source model of building applications is just a fundamentally better model — and the things that it is not currently good at have nothing to do with the model not being a good fit: It has to do with our lack of maturity around tools and primitives…”

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The podcast for all things JavaScript, OpenHive.JS presents conversations with key contributors and open source leaders around new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

Hosted by James Snell and Matteo Collina, OpenHive.JS publishes new episodes monthly and is produced and distributed by NearForm.

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