What is a cross-platform mobile approach?

A cross-platform mobile approach is the development of mobile applications that are supported by multiple operating systems.

We’re seeing many advantages to this approach when compared to native development — where a separate app is built for that particular mobile platform. These benefits include things like feature parity, reducing your time to market and a common developer experience.

We discussed the key reasons to adopt a cross-platform mobile approach in our webinar of 2 December 2022. It features four expert panellists, Andrew Deri-Bowen (Consulting and Solutions), Matthew McComb (Consulting and Solutions) Declan McAleese (Consulting and Solutions) and Andy Cashmore (Technical Director).

Our panellists cover a series of topics, such as how some of our customers have developed their business case, worked on their organisational readiness and secured the sponsorship for adopting a cross-platform mobile approach.

They begin by talking about the most compelling reasons for moving to a cross-platform approach. What are they? Watch the full video of our webinar to find out and get the rest of our panellists’ expert insight!

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