Choosing the right Node version

One of the most common questions a newcomer to the Node.js world has is “what version should I use?”. Currently, we have 10.x, 12.x, 13.x and soon 14.x will be released! There are too many, which one should one pick? What’s the difference between all of them? Does it matter if we are building an application or a module to be published on NPM? We’ll try to investigate a bit further in this video!

Stay tuned for our second video in the series where Matteo will be giving an introduction to Graph QL.

As a Technical Director at NearForm, Matteo Collina consults for some of the top brands of the world. Matteo is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee focusing on streams, diagnostics and http. He is also the author of Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca, the fast logger Pino and of the Fastify web framework.

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