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The voice of tech talent: how tech brands can find and retain the best talent in 2022

The way we work is changing forever. Roles are being redefined. Structures and behaviours are evolving. Personal priorities are shifting. All accelerated by a global pandemic.

Nowhere is this change more clear than in the tech industry – so here at NearForm we wanted to get the view from the inside.

Sharing Knowledge

As a technology company that is undergoing rapid growth, we believe that we have an onus of responsibility to use our experience and resources to reach our industry colleagues and shine a light on tech talent trends. Moreover, with our fantastic, highly experienced team and the client work that we engage in, creating digital products and capability for companies in the public and private sector, we know firsthand the difficulties in accessing and retaining top talent.

Casting a Wide Net

We spoke to more than 400 tech professionals across six continents to understand how they see the state of tech talent. What do the next 12 months hold? What really matters to them? And how can companies find and keep the best people in this new era of work?

We’ve summarised our key findings in this downloadable infographic, with the full report coming soon. Once you download the infographic, you will automatically receive the report via email.

Find out more about how you can get ahead of the tech talent crisis

As shown in our report, companies are facing a significant challenge: how to maintain business continuity during times of digital transformation while faced with talent retention difficulties?

In our upcoming webinar, we will be discussing:

  • How to hire and retain tech talent?
  • Building an internal culture of innovation for technical talent
  • How working with a digital partner can help companies who are struggling to hire top tech talent
  • Top tips for companies struggling to successfully undergo digital transformations

Date: Thursday, 24 March

Time: 2pm GMT