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“Future-proof brands will build omnichannel shopping experiences with composable commerce.”
– Filippo Conforti, Commerce Layer

Composable commerce is about ending a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and adopting a strategy that enables entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises to use the tech that best suits their business needs.

“Open source software allows businesses to access a range of benefits such as low total cost of ownership, flexibility and speed.”
– NearForm

The monolithic systems of the past are no longer fit for purpose.

Complex legacy architecture challenges surrounding speed, customer experience and agility are driving a growing number of retailers towards open source software to build fast, reusable and extensible e-commerce platforms, enabling them to compete in the digital world.

Composable commerce is part of the big picture of open source e-commerce.

Composable commerce and open source e-commerce can sometimes be used interchangeably. And while they’re related, it’s important to make a distinction between the two terms.

Open source e-commerce is about using open source software to achieve composable commerce—the context is that the former is a means of achieving the latter.

Making composable commerce & open source work for your business

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