What is capability building?

Capability building upskills people, enables new processes and working methods, drives technology and operational improvements and fosters a culture of collaboration.

Why is it necessary and important?

To remain competitive and successful, you need an agile skilled team. With competent leaders, designers and developers you can meet the ever-expanding expectations of today’s customers in a fast, efficient way.

“NearForm helps companies with the constant change, innovation capability and high productivity needed to survive in today’s competitive environment.”
Hélène Haughney, Chief Operations Officer, NearForm
Capability Building

Is capability building just another word for training?

Capability building is much more than a classroom training course about best practices and the latest coding methods and tools. NearForm gain inside knowledge of your existing ways of working, your product and services, and your current challenges. We then tailor a transformation plan specifically for you. This plan outlines how you can:

  • Update to the latest technology to improve your digital presence and deliver a better developer and customer experience.
  • Learn from our experts by sitting and collaborating with them to build your solution.
  • Use new processes so you can adapt quickly to changing requirements, deliver faster and more frequently.
  • Build scalable, evolvable and secure solutions.
  • Improve performance – in your codebase, response times and delivery times.
  • Improve backlog management.
  • Improve code coverage and simplify testing.
  • Change your company culture to one of collaboration and constant learning. Your staff will be happier, realise their full potential and stay longer. This culture also makes it easier to attract new talent.
  • Empower your team to innovate and take part in the open source community.

NearForm delivers all this by collaborating with you. Our senior team of experts, which includes technical directors, product specialists and design leaders, work with your teams to provide workshops, webinars, one-to-one tutoring and hands-on mentoring and coaching.

Capability building, NearForm and you

Using a hands-on approach, we temporarily embed within your team to help you to design, create and deliver products and services. We do this based on your organisation’s priorities and needs. We develop and expand the talent and skills in your organisation by bringing NearForm experience and best practice into your existing teams. This empowers your organisation to continue to build on this success yourselves.

Our goal at NearForm is to help you to help yourself on your transformation journey.

Our Proven Ability to Deliver

NearForm partner with many organisations and help them to achieve their successful digital transformations. As a company with a worldwide workforce we deliver capability building for any size organisation and service clients across the globe. Our remote model allows us to hire passionate industry experts all around the world. This extended global network and the calibre of employees we hire means we can scale and maintain our high exacting standards.

Our programs are flexible and tailored to your organisation’s needs—whether you’re building new skills within your digital teams, or undertaking a full transformation.

Condé Nast

NearForm introduced a unified Content Management System (CMS) and a transformation program to standardise Condé Nast technology to lower costs, remove duplication of work and systems, and position the organisation for growth.

NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js, and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the frontend or the backend engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.

David Thorpe, Engineering Manager, Condé Nast International

We’re seeing a 25% improvement in conversion rate for the new website compared to the old website and sales of upsells have also increased.

Malcolm Reid, Director of Product Engineering, Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG)
The Ambassador Theatre Group

NearForm delivered a top-notch end-to-end user experience, and created the culture and capabilities to transform ATG into a sustainable digital business. We built a Minimum Viable Platform (MVP) that was fast, easy to use and secure. The scalable design gives ATG the flexibility to deliver ongoing enhancements.

Capability building model

Whether you want to begin or expand your online presence, or launch new products and services, our experience has shown that building capability within an organisation is a key factor in a successful digital transformation.

The NearForm capability building model comprises of three phases: Assess, Build and Grow. Each phase consists of different activities as shown in the model below.

In a typical engagement, we begin the Assess Phase with a senior team working with you to understand how your organisation works so that we can identify initiatives and improvements.  We scale up our activity and involvement with you during the Build phase to implement the initiatives in collaboration with you and transfer our expertise to your teams.

During the Grow phase, your internal teams ramp up as more teams onboard with new skill sets and ways of working. NearForm continue to support your growth and help nurture the culture of learning and collaboration in your organisation during this phase. These three phases are shown in the diagram below, as well as what we do in collaboration with your teams during each phase.

Capability building model

We will discuss each phase in detail and our experiences of them in separate blog posts. This will convince you of the value of capability building and why it is vital if your organisation is to build and grow successfully.

NearForm Capability Building Model Timeline

Coming next…

In the next section in our series about Capability Building, learn how NearForm identify ways you can build capability in your organisation. Also learn about the strategy plan that we create which describes how we will achieve capability building with you.

Using the detailed strategy plan created during the Assess phase, learn how we build, motivate, transfer and deliver capability during