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Advantages of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Is your organisation facing silos in native app development?

Managing separate mobile platforms and web applications can be a headache for businesses, leading to inefficiency, cost wastage, and a disjointed user experience.

From a development perspective, managing multiple platforms and operating systems can result in slow and complex delivery processes, leading to inconsistent frontends, delays in releasing new features while hindering your organisation’s ability to compete in the market.

The development process for managing complex and disparate native mobile apps and web applications can also negatively impact the developer experience, making it difficult to engage and retain top developer talent.

Why Choose NearForm for Cross-Platform Application Development?

At NearForm, we believe that when it comes to cross-platform mobile development you should be able to write once and deliver everywhere.

With the growing number of cross-platform frameworks available it can be a daunting task to choose the most appropriate solution for your organisation. Our extensive experience with cross-platform development gives us a unique perspective on which frameworks can deliver the closest experience to that offered by native apps.

From concept to consumer, our agile delivery teams combine deep architecture, design, engineering and product strategy with modern technologies, processes and practices for developing cross-platform apps rapidly.

We define performance, scalability, security, privacy and accessibility requirements from the start to deliver key business outcomes including revenue, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Discovery & Strategy

Get build-ready in just three weeks with our Ignite discovery programme.


Architect robust, enterprise-grade digital products at speed and scale.

UX/UI Design

Create a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile.

Cross-Platform App Development:
Our Approach

Cross-Platform App Development:
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“The goal is that once NearForm leaves, Renalytix will have a team that is able to manage and build on this platform.”
Adrian Rossouw, Head of Technology, Renalytix
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“We had an ambitious target, a heterogeneous team that never met in person, and a delivery timeframe of only a few weeks. NearForm’s agile delivery practices, user experience design and technical skills were vital to make it happen.”
Carlo Marcoli, API Economy Solutions Leader – Europe, IBM
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