From Discovery through Delivery in as Little as 12 Weeks

The secret to generating an awesome digital experience (digital-CX) for your customers or end-users is an absolute focus on Design, End-User Insights and Performance. We build go-to-market (GTM)-ready products and services for some of the world’s leading brands – we’re fast because of our design methodology and we’re successful because of our focus on end-user and performance. Of course our highly experienced team of UX/UI experts, design architects and software engineers play a role there too!

Understand & Explore

Half-Day Workshops

These workshops are the ideal way to start addressing your main CX challenge. Short enough that you can easily get all of your stakeholders on-board, long enough to make sure we dig into what is important.

We’ll bring the framework to align your teams from across the business, taking them through a series of activities to frame your problem and work toward a tangible solution. All the while maintaining our focus on your end-user.

We recommend that you focus on the most pressing aspect from your CX evaluation or use the Workshop to further uncover what your CX priorities should be.

  • Goal setting
  • User personas
  • User journey map

Sketch & Ideate, Design & Prototype

2-5 Day On-Site Workshops

Our Workshops can be delivered standalone or as the first part of a solution build. They are one of the secrets to NearForm’s success in de-risking delivery and ensuring our customers get the solutions they need in a repeatable way.

We’ll help you focus on the need, identify the most viable solution, match the concept to the end-user and translate it into an engaging proposition.

Fully customised to your needs, workshops can range from shorter discovery sessions to full Design Sprints with design prototypes as the outputs.

  • Storyboarding
  • Concept sketching
  • Prototype
  • User testing

Prototype, Build, Test, Ready

GTM in as little as 12 Weeks

Many of our Workshops lead directly to NearForm building the entire Solution end-to-end for you. This includes Design, Architecture, Front-End, Back-End, Data Science, Data Visualisations and Insights, Legacy System Integrations, Datastores and DevOps.

Whether you are building a new SaaS offering, an eCommerce site, a Digital Experience platform or a new mobile experience, we have the deep technical and process knowledge to hit your targets with a CX-optimised solution.

Our teams work in tandem with your own, combining our technology expertise and accelerators with your domain expertise to quickly deliver business value.

  • Go-to-market ready solution
  • New tool, new product, new feature
  • Transformation roadmap

CX Evaluation

Take our free assessment and let NearForm be a new set of eyes on your challenges. We will do an initial CX evaluation of your website and send you our findings. If you find it useful and valuable, then why not discuss deeper engagements with us to explore how we can take your users’ digital experience to the next level.

We’ll measure your website against up to 46 different metrics and will deliver your report under three key success factors – design, insights and performance.


  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Multichannel


  • Analytics
  • Feedback
  • SEO


  • Speed Metrics
  • Size Metrics
  • Mobile Metrics