Redefining What’s Possible

We don’t think business ambition should ever be limited by technological restrictions. Instead, our digital product and experience design service gives your enterprise the power to make its vision possible. We work hand in hand with our customers to refine, define and enable propositions, bringing ideas to life in a digital world.

Journey to Market

It’s one thing to have an idea but it’s another to actually make it happen. We help your enterprise to take that leap from concept to reality, making sure that your product is robust and ready for market. ‘Journey’ is a very over-used term but we think it fits quite well in this instance.

Informed Solutions

Beginning with an intensive phase of product discovery and design sprints, NearForm interrogates your idea from all angles to ensure that the most suitable design approach is selected. First, we ask what need is the product trying to meet? Once we reach a definitive answer we move on to propose viable solutions. By matching your concept to the end-user, we translate it into an engaging proposition that corresponds with what your customers really want.

Comprehensive Testing

Then we look at turning your idea into reality. Our cross-functional team combines user interface design with feature mapping and usability testing. We explore how the product will function and how to scale it. Finally, we move to rapid prototyping to test the software in action. Throughout the process, NearForm adopts a Lean UX methodology that incorporates early user testing and regular feedback sessions.

Lean UX Approach

Lean UX, like its Agile counterpart, promotes collaboration between design and development teams to gain greater integration and efficiencies. But, unlike an Agile methodology, Lean UX also encompasses the business division, creating even greater synergies across the project life cycle. Lean UX is generally favoured for producing the best results within the shortest time, but it is its focus on customer experience that chimes so well with our own principles.