Discover the right product and build it the right way

The NearForm Discovery workshop process helps you quickly solve business and technical problems through collaboration, design and advanced prototyping. Our process helps to align teams through a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

Ultimately, it is a process for understanding a hypothesis, prototyping an idea and testing it rapidly with as little investment as possible in as real an environment as possible.

A contextual 360 view of the challenges

Discovery Workshop Process

The Discovery process can allow your team to take a fresh look at a wide landscape of possibilities, discover and prioritise different solutions to a problem in a fast, iterative way.

This process can be applied to many different needs, from generating a vision for a new product, or redesigning a specific feature or flow for an existing product, to improving a process or defining a brand.

Value to you

We don’t simply give you designs or possible solutions. We give you a full package addressing your unique technology needs, customer or user needs and business goals. We understand what it takes: we’ve been doing this for years and can help to de-risk the process.

Aligned approach

As objective partners, we help you align internal teams and company goals with your customers’ expectations.

A guided process

We guide you through a tried and tested process to build context, explore ideas and implement an approach.

The right mix of people

We have learnt that the best way to solve problems is by combining mixed skills working together.

Accelerated start

Detailed, mapped-out screens and prototypes are all based on a pragmatic technological approach and ready to start on day one.

What We Deliver

We set your project up for success by delivering a clear strategy and blueprint for how to proceed.

We provide you with more than just standard UI designs: what you get are comprehensive user journeys, detailed mapped out screens, all based on a pragmatic technological approach and aligned to your business objectives.

While there are many tangible assets created in the discovery process, some of the most powerful outcomes are those that bring people together into a group that agrees on a direction, owns the decisions and can communicate and deliver this vision to the rest of the organisation.

Interactive Prototypes

Prototypes are interactive and can be used for user testing, validation, promotion or simple as an interactive reference for developers.

User journeys / workshop materials

Prototypes are interactive and can be used for user testing, validation, promotion or simple as an interactive reference for developers.

Solution architecture document

Comprehensive breakdown of the architectural approach and technology stack

Work plans and estimates

Detailed estimates of next phase work, timelines, milestones and project cadence


We typically run the Discovery workshop remotely and have optimised our process to make it as efficient as possible without demanding too much time from you and your team. Click on the sections below to see what’s involved.

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