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Modern backend development that scales as you do.

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Backend Development with a Focus on Performance and Scalability

Intelligently engineered backends put a premium on performance and scalability in modern web applications. In today’s development environment there are a plethora of open source libraries and frameworks to choose from when developing new software solutions. Selecting the best technologies and implementing them correctly into applications can be difficult.

At NearForm we are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and are actively involved in contributing to and supporting the open source community. We understand the importance of building highly performant, scalable backend solutions and more importantly how to use these technologies to engineer applications that are engaging and reliable.

Backend Development

Modern Microservice Backend Development

At NearForm we are full-stack development company that realises the importance of a great UX depends not only on the UI, but also on the backend and infrastructure that make applications run smoothly and efficiently.

We use cutting-edge, open source technologies, such as Node.js, to create stable, scalable and highly performant back-ends for the software solutions we develop.

We build modern solutions on a microservice architecture that breaks the application into loosely coupled, concentrated services. Applications built on microservices are easier to maintain and innovate as updates can be made to individual services without fear of breaking the entire application.

We build Restful APIs that microservices and outside applications use to communicate with each other with a focus on security, stability, performance and scalability.

As the single biggest contributor to Node.js runtime we have a unique understanding of how to implement Node.js into enterprise software solutions.

NearFormers are also contributing to the Node community by building tools that increase the performance of Node.js in applications, such as Fastify and Pino among others.


Build robust, scalable, cloud ready solutions with modern JavaScript libraries and frameworks
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Stable and highly performant enterprise software solutions built on Node.js
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Create Rest APIs in a low-overhead, web framework to manage efficient and highly performant web servers in Node.js

Rest APIs

Improve application performance, reduce CPU usage and build a stable infrastructure with a robust and secure Restful API in a microservice architecture

Backend Development:
Open Source Projects

fastify back-end development project

Fastify is a low-overhead, web framework for creating Rest APIs to manage efficient and highly performant web servers in Node.js. It is focused on a great developer experience without sacrificing performance and security.

pino back-end development project

Pino is the fastest logger for Node.js. Pino improves logging allowing Node.js to focus on more important processes such as event-loop handling resulting in better performance and less strain on the application during runtime.

Product Development:
Our Approach

Backend Development:
Recent Customer Stories

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Condé Nast International

Content migration tool built in Node.js and React
“NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js, and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the front-end or the back-end engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.”
David Thorpe, Engineering Manager, Condé Nast International
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Self-service online platform built on JavaScript technologies
“The technologies NearForm uses – Node.js and Open Source, microservices – are where we see the future. Working with a company who’s right at the heart of these technologies leaves us well-positioned to make the most of them.”
Alex Collins, Director of EY Virtual Advisor, EY


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