Enterprise Cloud Native Infrastructure

Highly-performant, scalable applications made possible.

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Build highly performant and cost effective applications on scalable cloud native architecture

Modern web applications need to be highly performant, personalised, always improving and scalable to ensure consistent user experience.

We embrace cloud native infrastructures to create dynamic applications built on open source technologies that make continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) a top priority in growing your product.

Cloud Native

Why cloud native?

Develop highly performant and reliable applications with the ability to automatically scale based on demand without having to manage complicated infrastructure.

Cloud Native applications are built on small, reusable building blocks called microservices. Microservices work with each other to comprise an entire application, are not dependent on each other and can be updated or modified individually.

Deploy new features for applications rapidly, frequently, and more reliably resulting in a better experience for both users and developers. Build standard repeatable processes for iterative development and increased developer productivity. Roll out low-risk changes with the click of a mouse and conduct A-B testing with relative ease.

Cloud native is a holistic approach to development and reduces time to market while making operations more efficient.

Automatic Scaling

Instantaneous, automated horizontal scaling based on user demand not limited to physical server capacity


Reduce operating costs by paying only for the resources used

Faster Development

Manage development environments from one place, develop features rapidly, test and update multiple times daily

Product Development:
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Cloud Native:
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Cloud native data processing, analytics and visualisation platform
“The NearForm team is at the forefront of their field and have expertise in best practices and the latest effective technologies. Each team member was highly motivated and completely dedicated to a very challenging project, from start to finish.”
Christian Sanz, CEO/Founder, Skycatch


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