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Take Control with Custom Content Management Solutions

Managing a large amount of content can be a difficult proposition for any organisation. Oftentimes out of the box solutions are not sufficient for managing content for large media companies or global organisations. Each company has unique needs and requirements for managing their content.

At NearForm we understand how to develop modern content management solutions tailored to individual organisations which improve management control and overall efficiency.

Choosing the Right Content Management Solution

NearForm works with organisations to solve their content management problems and create innovative solutions with cutting edge, cloud native, cross-platform technologies to tailor the content management strategy to their unique needs.

At NearForm we understand that elegant content management requires a highly performant and highly scalable infrastructure to be successful. We work with client teams to understand challenges and devise eloquent solutions that put control back in their hands.

By taking control of content management organisations are flexible to distribute that content across multiple products and platforms in the ways that are best suited to them. With the right system in place content can be accessed how, when and where organisations need it.

We work together to determine the infrastructure, engineer the data, decide on frontend and backend technologies for development and work with teams to understand the product as we are developing the solution so that clients can continue to innovate and grow products once they reach production.

Content as a Service

Content as a Service (CaaS) is an approach to content management that allows for more control over the content created and how it is distributed across digital properties while providing valuable analytics that help shape the content strategy moving forward.

JAM stack

JAM Stack is a secure, highly performant and highly scalable content management solution which serves pre-built content to applications via a CDN. JAM Stack boasts a great developer experience and integrates nicely with front-end frameworks such as React.js.

Headless CMS

Headless CMS is a CaaS solution in which content is stored in a database and accessed via APIs for delivery to the end user. A Headless CMS allows writers to focus on writing, designers to focus on designing, and developers to focus on developing.

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Condé Nast International

Content migration tool built in Node.js and React
“NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js, and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the front-end or the back-end engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.”
David Thorpe, Engineering Manager, Condé Nast International


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