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Frontend Development with a Focus on Product Design

Developing a wonderful customer experience is more than just implementing a nice interface. It involves research, planning, development, testing and continuous improvement.

At NearForm we know the importance of understanding business goals and product needs as these are the foundation of a great customer experience.

We focus on component driven, cross-platform development with rich visuals that enhance customer experience by adding real value to your organisation’s products.

Frontend Development

Engaging frontend development with a modern approach

Every project starts with a discovery workshop.

The senior product designer and senior technical lead meet with client teams and begin to foster a collaborative approach and establish rapport.

During the workshop we establish milestones and lay out a development roadmap so we can get started developing right away.

By the end of the workshop we produce a high-fidelity, InVision prototype which can immediately be used for testing.

We work side by side with client teams to create and deliver product features incrementally and help teams understand the technologies we use to build applications.

We make sure that our clients can extend, maintain and grow their products with confidence once our engagement has ended.

We help companies prepare for the future with an experienced global team and a history of delivering large scale solutions.

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies, methodologies and processes to help organizations transform.

Everything you need to design, create and innovate.

Component Driven

We break down the UI into components and design from the ground up to create reusable and interchangeable pieces resulting in faster development, simpler maintenance and easier testing.


Building applications that can work on computers, mobiles and tablets are essential in today’s business environment. We build products that are accessible by all devices.

React Native & React.js

We use the React frameworks to build engaging cross-platform apps.
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Rich Animations and Visualisations

We design animations that enhance usability and improve overall user experience and we incorporate engaging data visualisations that are attractive, functional and add value to your product.

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Health Service Executive

CovidTracker App
“NearForm have proved themselves to be a reliable and responsive company working with the HSE team to deliver the Covid Tracker app. It was essential for such an important national project to have a partner that took privacy, security and performance so seriously.”
Fran Thompson, CIO, Health Service Executive
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Open Banking Reference Application
“We had an ambitious target, a heterogeneous team that never met in person, and a delivery timeframe of only a few weeks. NearForm’s agile delivery practices, user experience design and technical skills were vital to make it happen.”
Carlo Marcoli, API Economy Solutions Leader – Europe, IBM

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