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Modern development for lightning-fast applications.

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Comprehensive enterprise JavaScript development for modern web applications

Over the past 10 years, enterprise JavaScript development has exploded thanks to frameworks such as Node.js, React.js and countless others. It has matured from a necessary evil that developers were required to know to a full development platform for web, mobile and backend application development.

At NearForm we are committed to growing the JavaScript ecosystem through contributions to open source projects and encouraging the adoption of JavaScript technologies in enterprise.


Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language according to Stack Overflow and has been for the past 8 years.

Most modern developers are able to program in JavaScript.

JavaScript has many popular open source frameworks which make it the most important language for developing web and mobile applications. These frameworks make building robust, scalable and interactive applications and websites easier.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language which is used to create dynamic and responsive applications.

JavaScript can be used for both frontend and backend development.

JavaScript is supported by all major browsers as well as iOS and Android.

Highly Versatile

Develop the frontend and backend of software products using open source JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Superior Performance

Build dynamic, robust and scalable applications that are lightweight and lightning fast

Well Established

Program progressive web applications using mature, open source libraries and frameworks such as Node.js, React and countless others

NearForm’s contributions to the JavaScript Ecosystem

Node.js Core

  • HTTP/2 & 3

  • Worker Threads

  • Readable Streams


  • GraphQL Hooks

  • Fastify

  • Mercurius


  • React

  • React Native

  • Piscina React SSR


  • Clinic.js

  • Udaru

  • Pino

Product Development:
Our Approach

JavaScript Development:
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