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Maximise agility with a serverless, scalable architecture.

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Focus on business logic with a serverless architecture

In today’s fast-paced business world applications need to be fast, secure and scalable.

Serverless architectures allow businesses to focus on event-driven development and business logic without having to manage infrastructure.


Why implement a serverless architecture?

With a serverless architecture the client manages the software while the service provider, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, manages everything else.

Applications still run on a server but a provider manages that server. By allowing the service provider to manage and maintain the infrastructure more resources can be focused on developing the product.

Providers automatically scale applications horizontally allowing for multiple instances of a function to run concurrently without any impact on performance.

The microservices that applications depend on are also hosted in the cloud allowing for more efficient testing and faster implementation of new features.

Cost Efficiency

Only pay for the time an application is running which can significantly reduce costs

Highly Scalable

Apps automatically scale horizontally as the processing is handled by the provider

Product Evolution

Develop, test and deploy new products and features quickly and efficiently

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Serverless Architecture:
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