Build the right product the first time

A great product is effortless and focused. Aligning your business objectives with customer satisfaction allows us to deliver great products. Breaking down complex concepts into an uncompromising, elegant, custom software solution is where we excel.

How we work

Every engagement starts the same way, a clear and actionable understanding of your needs and requirements. We work with our partners to understand the goals, measurable outcomes and objectives of every project.

We have refined our process into an onsite workshop format that maximises your time and delivers precise outputs. Combined with our Accelerator solutions you get better products, faster.

Software development

How we do it

Our workshops create a clearer picture of your business and business vision. They provide an environment where we can collaboratively gather existing knowledge and generate new ideas together. Our three day on site workshops create consensus on plans and priorities.

We spend 3 days on-site with key stakeholders and engage in activities designed to explore and identify the best possible approach to building the application. We spend a further 2 days remotely creating and refining the design, architecture plan, work plan and high-fidelity prototype to ensure we know exactly what will be built in the development phase.

Discovery phase

The purpose of a Discovery engagement is to help us build a plan together. We take a consultative approach to each engagement; some are as short as 3-5 days, some can take 2-3 weeks.

Development Plan

We get a complete understanding of your enterprise software development aims, needs and challenges. The development plan will assist in collaboration and define a clear path and roadmap for the development process. We adapt to your work model and will create the development plan based around your company’s specific needs.

Work Plan

A work plan defines the detail of what will be achieved and when. During the workshop we define objectives, timelines, business intelligence and, typically, the sprints required to reach a defined MVP.

High Fidelity Prototype

Testing and validating your product idea or concept can be done with clients using our high-fidelity prototype. This is typically available 2 – 3 days after the workshop. During the workshop wireframes and low-fidelity artefacts will be produced.

Delivery Phase

The delivery phase gets into the nuts and bolts of a custom software development project. Our best results come from the client and NearForm team working together as one.

One Team, Agile Methodology

We take the best of agile and work at speed to ensure efficiency and delivery. As a remote first company we over communicate and bring this approach with us on each project. We ensure constant, clear and coordinated communication leaving detailed documentation behind. Our enterprise app development approach has been refined and improved over countless projects, both large and small.

Milestone Driven

Our initial workshop does most of the heavy lifting by being 100% outcomes-focused. Working together we define your business and project objectives and detail this out into achievable milestones that can be tracked. Our approach de-risks development and ensures clear milestones are set up front and reached during every stage of the development.

Accelerated Foundation

We bring the experience from every project together and find common tasks, workflows and business processes that can be automated. We don’t believe in re-creating the wheel for every new project which led us to create a suite of accelerators that remove repetitive setups, architectures and environment configurations. We use these to get from zero to a working demo in the first sprint.

Transfer Phase

Your success is supported with one-on-one tutoring, extensive documentation, training, interactive discussions, community Slack channels and our commitment to your long-term success.

Continuous Growth and Efficiency

By the time our engagement ends, we want you and your team to take over and will help make the transition seamless. Part of our commitment is supporting your growth for the future.

Dedicated Teams

NearForm’s software engineers work exclusively for you. We enable long-term scaling of your software engineering teams, ensuring all domain knowledge and expertise remain in-house.

Lasting Culture

We only hire the best enterprise software developers. Our hiring process makes sure culture is a big component which means we have great people who are good at communicating and bringing teams together.

Your Custom Enterprise Software Partner

Software Development

Sustainable growth requires a long-term commitment to innovation. We help you focus on your current challenges today to achieve long-term results for tomorrow.

Building technology organisations

Successful organisations are optimised for efficiency and focused on the future. Agile and customer-centric processes are established, allowing organisations to become flexible and adaptable. Flexibility to change and disruption is accomplished through the right leaders, teams and responsive culture. Embracing change and optimising for new ways of working builds resistance to our fast paced digital economy. Prepare, adapt, grow and thrive.