React.js UI Design

Create intuitive UIs that enhance the user experience.

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Design highly performant and visually stunning UIs with React.js

A well designed, intuitive and efficient User Interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use increases engagement and enhances UX in modern web applications.

We use React.js in our software projects to create beautiful User Interfaces that connect seamlessly to backend services resulting in enriched customer interactions and smooth UX.


Why use React.js?

React.js is ideal for building single page, SEO friendly web applications with content that updates dynamically based on user input or other data sources.

React.js is a clever approach to UI design that allows developers to create reusable components which makes for a smarter application architecture and reduces development time. These components keep the UI consistent for the user and allows developers to reuse code when adding new features or services to the application leading to a more stable architecture.

Another great aspect of React.js is that it is easy for JavaScript developers and frontend designers to learn and build with.

React.js web applications can be turned into mobile apps using the React Native library with relative ease.

Many of the apps we use often are built on React.js such as Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram just to name a few.

Versatile Library

Create one codebase for web, desktop and mobile apps with React Native

Superior Performance

Update components dynamically by using virtual DOM

Faster Development

Reduce development time by creating reusable components

Product Development:
Our Approach

React.js Development:
Customer Stories

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Condé Nast International

Content migration tool built in Node.js and React
“NearForm has an extremely strong competency in Node.js, and that was a big selling point for Condé Nast International. Node.js was ideal for this engagement: whether you’re looking at the front-end or the back-end engineering, it gives you increased flexibility.”
David Thorpe, Engineering Manager, Condé Nast International
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Open-banking app built with React and React Native
“With NearForm, we found a partner who could help us explore ‘the art of the possible’. They understood straight away what we were trying to do.”
Carlo Marcoli, API Economy Solutions Leader – Europe, IBM


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