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Secure and highly performant Kubernetes architecture for modern software solutions

As more businesses move to a cloud native environment a well designed and secure container orchestration platform is imperative to ensure applications are using resources efficiently.

We have extensive experience using Kubernetes to build secure, highly performant infrastructures which allow for agile development and CI/CD.


Why use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a portable platform for managing container orchestration.

Modern applications made up of independent microservices are deployed across multiple containers. Kubernetes automatically handles deployment and scaling of these containers to utilize hardware efficiently.

Automatic self-healing means Kubernetes detects failures and restarts containers and redistributes services intuitively to keep applications running.

As the web moves towards a cloud-based service architecture Kubernetes has been a key component of enabling organisations to build complex, secure, and robust applications in a cloud environment.

With the correct implementation, Kubernetes allows your organisation to develop, manage and deploy an application which is smart, efficient and secure.

Highly Efficient

Improve developer productivity, automate container management, and utilise resources efficiently


Can run on any OS, physical or cloud deployment environment

Well Established

Built by Google and open sourced in 2014 with a large community invested in continual development

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