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The Story

We are a digital society.

The access to seamless digital services for consumers puts more pressure than ever on governments to provide similar access to citizens for government services. And it is happening. Governments around the world are showing a real ability to innovate rapidly and at scale with new digital services.


“We have proved that governments can innovate at speed with the right frameworks and partners in place.”

Colm Harte

Head of Delivery

Government of Ireland

“This is the template for government digital services going forward.”

Barry Lowry


Citizen centric

Two aspects that are key to adoption of government digital services are usability and privacy. We work closely with stakeholder groups to bring UX design into every service from day one. Privacy-by-design is also a core principle for every service and our projects are great examples of how government and technology partners can work with data protection agencies to de-risk every new launch.

Digital opportunity

Digital technology is now creating new ways to access services and can even create completely new services not possible before. By combining government authentications with digital identities (e.g through mobile phones) we can create new, more convenient and real-time access to core services.  This is the foundation of a digital dialogue between citizens and their government.

Building capability in:

NearForm uses a wide range of open source technologies and frameworks to create government services and we work closely in partnership with existing technology and cloud suppliers in all jurisdictions.

Building Capability
  • Mobile Devlopment

  • Agile Methodology

  • Site Reliability Engineering

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NearForm designs, builds, deploys and supports government digital services across EU and US jurisdictions working closely with a range of government departments from travel, health to justice and education.

Deliverables include services such as:

Citizen services mobile access portal

Venue secure access systems

Passenger locator forms

Digital Covid passports

National Covid tracking applications

Open Source public health contributions (LFPH)

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