Cardo Health

Building Scalable Technology to Help Improve the Lives of Millions of People


How NearForm partnered with Cardo Health to launch a telemedicine platform in under 12 months that helps them democratise healthcare

The Story

Millions of people in emerging markets are unable to access high-quality and affordable healthcare

Cardo Health is a digital health company with a transformative mission to “improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people in emerging markets.”

It provides local companies across the globe with the funding, operational knowledge and technology they need to give people the healthcare they deserve.

To meet their ambitions, Cardo Health needed an experienced, digital product engineering partner on their journey to define, design and deliver a best-in-class digital healthcare experience for their patients and doctors.

Cardo Health was founded in 2021 by a group of healthcare and technology leaders with decades of experience working for global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. serving a wide range of clients, from start-ups to large enterprise players.

How do we launch a multi-country enabled, healthcare platform in less than a year?

Cardo Health needed a cloud-based, scalable telemedicine platform to deliver on their mission and strategy of providing affordable and quality healthcare in emerging markets.

This platform had to be built on solid engineering principles and launched in less than a year, adopting an MVP approach while enabling continuous improvements in shorter cycles through agile delivery.

Cardo Health had built a detailed blueprint of its technology platform

The blueprint leveraged global tech and digital health best practices, along with the founding team’s insights from having built and scaled three cloud native platforms to millions of users before.

As Cardo Health was setting up a tech hub in Barcelona, they were looking to partner with an experienced software consultancy to accelerate the build-up of the initial platform. A modular architecture, utilising open source technologies, enabled rapid delivery of a disruptive, scalable platform.

A partnership with NearForm that delivered

Scalable and extensible telemedicine platform built on solid engineering principles.

Patient facing and clinician facing applications, prepared for multi-region deployments.

Modular architecture to enable integrations with local partners, e.g. electronic prescriptions.

NearForm’s solution at a glance — Building capability in:

Supporting Cardo Health in hiring talent with expertise across design, software engineering and automation.

Bringing a smooth transition to Cardo Health’s in-house team and setting them up for lasting success.

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The Impact

Cardo Health’s telemedicine platform was launched in November 2022 for ‘Friends and Family’, which was then followed by continuous improvements and enhancements.

Cardo Health now has a scalable platform with a modular architecture to help accelerate their strategy to roll out into new emerging markets.

Cardo Health leveraged open source technologies to ensure low operating costs and avoid vendor lock-in for their business, enabling them to create impact for emerging markets.

Through close collaboration and a planned transition phase, we have enabled Cardo Health to become self-sufficient.