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The Story

Kidney disease affects more people than cancer and heart disease combined.

850 million people worldwide suffer with chronic kidney disease (CKD). And it is believed that CKD will become the 5th leading cause of death in the world by 2040.


“We’re equipping the company with a digital platform for the groundbreaking management of chronic kidney disease.”

Helene Haughney

Chief Operations Officer


“The goal is that once NearForm leaves, Renalytix will have a team that is able to manage and build on this platform.”

Adrian Rossouw

Head of Technology

A silent killer

Until now, kidney disease was invisible in its early stages because there are no initial symptoms, so patients do not proactively control its risk factors. To turn the corner, we must shift the focus from kidney disease to kidney health.

Data-driven intervention

Renalytix information can identify patients at most risk of developing chronic kidney disease and outline a path to avoid that. But bringing a diagnostics based product to the Healthcare market is hard. It means combining strong diagnostics data, automated analysis and reporting with a robust technical solution to make the whole service accessible and useful in a healthcare setting.

Building capability in:

Renalytix reached out to NearForm to be a digital partner on this journey. NearForm is helping to create a strong digital platform for delivery and growth along with setting technical and working standards to take Renalytix forward.

  • Mobile Development

  • Agile Methodology

  • One Team Mentality


Design & development for KidneyIntelX Provider App

Creation of digital ecosystem – DevOps, Processes, People, Technology Stack, Standards

A digital platform that will allow Renalytix to develop, maintain and scale swiftly and independently

Processes and tools embedded for talent hiring, agile delivery, DevOps and cloud infrastructure

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The Results

Renalytix raised $85.1M on the NASDAQ Global Market in July 2020.

Equipping the company with a digital platform for the groundbreaking management of chronic kidney disease.

The KidneyIntelX product was approved by the NY State Department of Health in June 2020.

More than 300 treating physicians will access the product in calendar Q4 2021, and the number of eligible patients forecast to have scheduled physician interaction with KidneyIntelX is expected to grow 600% in the same period.

KidneyIntelX was rolled out initially across seven primary care practices in Manhattan, and Renalytix and Mount Sinai Health System announced scaled-up implementation of the KidneyIntelX across primary care and specialty clinician networks in September 2021.