The Story

Open banking technologies are transforming the way in which we pay for goods and manage our finances.

Open Banking and open payments are now active in many countries around the world. These standards allow for direct transactions between service providers and individuals’ bank accounts with no intermediaries.


“We enjoyed working with IBM to help financial institutions design, architect, develop and deliver holistic, omnichannel experiences.”

Ger O’Shaughnessy

Head of Propositions


“With NearForm, we found a partner who could help us explore ‘the art of the possible’. They understood straight away what we were trying to do.”

Carlo Marcoli

API Economy Solutions Leader – Europe

Secure, Automated Fund Transfers

Develop a secure financial banking mobile and web app to support automated fund transfers between separate banking entities when predetermined conditions are met.

Building capability in:

Working with a small joint IBM and NearForm team, we identified and articulated the main customer story. By humanising the technical requirements, we ensured that the digital solution enhanced the overall customer experience.

  • Open Banking APIs

  • Banking CX Design


A multi-platform app that uses one codebase for web, Android and iOS using React Native

Working multi-banking transactions against live open banking APIs

Authentication and authorisation across accounts while encrypting the data in transport and at rest

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The Results

IBM’s commitment to innovation is built on the foundation of secure and scalable platforms.

Within the app, the screens show all the customer’s financial information and the call-to-action buttons are complemented with default and customisable input fields. In line with OAuth 2.0 authorisation protocols, the app connects to the chosen bank for their specific authentication and authorisation processes.

Within just three weeks, we developed a fully operational, leading-edge, open banking app that enables a complex, real-world customer journey.

We underpinned the modern light design with a reference architecture that accelerates a consistent, optimised and secure, multi-platform solution.